Guide to our charges

Price is understandably, one of the main concerns when choosing a professional adviser. We all like to get a good deal but few people seem to understand that shopping on price alone is a risky thing to do. If you are just looking for the cheapest advisor then you should look elsewhere because what we do is provide value at a reasonable price.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Providing the very best service
  • Delivered by a company who have years of experience as well as the highest standards, levels of training and qualifications.

It is not possible to do this and charge nothing but our service is extraordinary and our prices fair.

We have two types of charges, one to cover the initial work and one to provide you with ongoing service. We hope that you will engage us for both and as a company we pride ourselves on our level of ongoing customer service. However, we understand that not every client will require subsequent reviews and we are happy to transact business on a standalone basis. In such a case, you must be quite clear of the longer- term implications of this decision and your advisor will be happy to discuss this with you.

Our charges differ, dependant on whether or not you require investment advice. If you do not, your advisor will discuss our menu of initial charges with you that includes everything from arranging a mortgage to placing a life policy under trust.

Our review charges for non investment based advice are as follows:-

Regular Review service Full Financial Review
£20pm or £200pa in advance £50pm or £540 in advance


For investment based advice, the cost of initial work will differ according to the service selected.

We are happy to charge on an hourly basis in which case our hourly rates are as follows:

Chartered Financial Planner £275
Financial Adviser £200
Paraplanner £ 90
Administrator £ 55


We may charge for Travelling costs for a home visit

Some people prefer to have a known cost of advice in advance in which case we are happy to quote a project fee which may or may not be related to the size of any investment depending on the amount of additional work involved. These charges would start at the following rates:-

Typical Initial charges (tiered and based on the value of the funds being invested):

£ %
0 to 100,000 3
100,000 to 500,000 2
500,000 + 1

For Example:

1. An Investment of £100,000 would cost £3,000 (based on 3%)

2. An Investment of £150,000 would cost £4,000 (based on 3% on the first £100,000 plus 2% on the next £50,000)

3. An Investment of £250,000 would cost £6,000 (based on 3% on the first £100,000 plus 2% on the next £150,000)

Typical Ongoing charges (per annum, based on the value of the funds being invested):

£ %
0 to 100,000 1.00
100,000 to 500,000 0.75
500,000 + 0.50

For Example: An Investment of £150,000 would cost £1125 per annum.

To decide which of these services is most appropriate for you, please refer to our document entitled “How we invest your money”.

VAT may be charged on some services

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What our clients think

'We value our relationship with Richard Graham who is engaging and generates an atmosphere of trust'

'My circumstances have changed over the past 22 years and she has been able to follow the ebb and flow to provide constant effective advice – even when the advice was to do nothing'

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