EAS Business Advice Process

This diagram explains the process we use to give advice to you. As you can see this is quite an in depth process, and we will need to understand why you have done things not just what you have done; we need to understand your motivations as well as objectives.

We also offer a reduced service where we review your current situation and make broad generic recommendations which you can action yourself. This may be a more suitable approach for those just starting out or with less complex circumstances.

Initial Meeting

(Stage 1)

(Stage 2)
Analysis & Research

(Stage 3)
Compilation & Recommendations

(Stage 4)
Presentation & Discussion

(Stage 5)

(Stage 6)
Ongoing Maintenance & Review

(Stage 7)
Opportunity to decide whether we can be of assistance and if we are comfortable working together. Gathering information & understanding of your business. Collating & Reviewing data, obtaining valuations & up to date information.

Deciding on further work and analysis needed.
Co-ordinating & specifying recommendations.

Summarising justifications.

Formulating action plan.
Meeting to go through recommendations in detail and agree priorities and future strategy. Scheduling meetings as appropriate with Directors and Employees.

Completion and collation of paperwork.

Submission for processing. Chasing up progress.

Ensuring smooth and swift completion, checking and forwarding appropriate documentation
Reviewing progress against stated objectives.

Review Meetings with Directors and Employees as appropriate.

Responding to changes in circumstances.

Agreement of revisions to Strategy & Services provided.
Identify key objectives & agree priorities. Researching the market for appropriate products/services/ information.

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